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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is said to come in four different models, including a high-quality limited edition model, two standard models with varying display types and one low-end model with the smallest camera sensor of the four, according to a Korean publication.
The limited premium edition will come with an ‘unbreakable’ AMOLED display and 13 megapixel camera along with few exclusive features, according to the Korea-based ET News. Other speculations say the South Korean tech giant will more likely use Carbon Fiber to increase the aesthetic design and durability of the phone.

The second model is rumored to come with a regular AMOLED display and a 13 megapixel camera, which is more likely to be the international version. The third edition will be made with a plastic body and an LCD display and a 13 megapixel camera. The LCD display will allow Samsung to offer the latest phablet at a lower price.
ET News claims that fourth model will feature a plastic body along with an LCD display, but only an 8 megapixel camera. These lower features will bring down the costs of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 significantly, which may help with the saturation of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phones in the everyday consumer market.
While many rumors currently surround the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, some propose features that are very likely to end up on the upcoming device, while other features are likely a bit far-fetched. Many enthusiasts agree that Samsung may use the Galaxy S4 as a base for things it needs to improve to make the Note 3 phablet an exciting product for consumers.
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Microsoft has confirmed that some of the features in the Xbox One are behind a pay gate. According to Microsoft, Xbox One owners who are not signed up for Gold subscription membership may not be able to use hardware functionality built into the console.
There appears to be some backlash across the Web around the revelation that the the hardware built-in Game DVR functionality cannot be accessed without a paid subscription to Xbox Live Gold service. Microsoft’s Xbox Live feature list also puts things like Skype (defacto Xbox One voice chat) and NFL content.
One Hit Pixel reached out to Microsoft for clarification around the Game DVR and a rep responded stating “I can confirm that Game DVR features will be available to Xbox Live Gold members only.”
The Xbox One’s Game DVR is basically five minutes of in-game footage always being recorded while the system is played. This is in contract to Sony’s PS4 which records up to 15 minutes always and is not restricted to PS Plus accounts.
In other news Microsoft recently answered a host of questioned posted by 4Player around the Xbox One. A question was posed to Microsoft around the price point for the Xbox One and if there was a chance that the company may reduce the price prior to launch. It appears that Microsoft will be holding steady with the $499 price point. Microsoft responded by stating:
We are very confident with the provide value at $ / € 499 and the unparalleled, all in one games and entertainment experience Xbox One offers.
Microsoft also revealed that gamers should not place their Xbox One vertically standing as the unit was not designed for that.
…the console is Intended to sit horizontally. Additionally, the airflow and venting system which optimized for this horizontal orientation.
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The message went out after law enforcement officials became convinced a San Diego man had kidnapped a neighbor’s daughter. The man is also wanted in connection with the death of the neighbor. The message detailed the make, model and license plate number of the car the man was believed to be driving.
Officials sent out the message under the Wireless Emergency Alert system. Since January 1 this year, the system has been opt-out rather than opt-in for newer cellphone models, something that’s planned to be the case with all future handsets.
The alerts come as text messages, preceded by an audible or vibration alert if the handset supports it. Rather than going to specific numbers, it goes to all compatible handsets within range of designated cellphone towers at the time of broadcast. It uses a slightly different broadcast technique to ordinary texts between individual users, meaning it can get through even at times of high traffic on cellphone networks.
Not everyone who received the alert was happy, with some complaints that the message disturbed them or caused confusion. It’s a particularly controversial event as previous such broadcasts in other states have mainly been warning the recipients that they are in imminent danger, for example from a natural disaster or possible terrorist activity.
This particular broadcast caused added confusion as the alert didn’t make clear exactly what recipients should do with the information. Officials have clarified they want anyone seeing the vehicle to contact the police.
The SFGate website quotes the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as saying that previous alerts (many on a smaller geographic scale) have so far led to 656 abducted children being found and rescued.

 View the original article here

The Huawei Asend P6 has plenty of other admirable features too, including a good screen and reasonably powerful quad-core processor. However, its software takes a bit of getting used to and we think Huawei cares about how slim the Ascend P6 is more than its prospective buyers.
The Huawei Ascend P6 feels like a dense, well-made phone. It’s also significantly slimmer than the iPhone 5, at around 1.5mm thinner. he Huawei Ascend P6 also has a microSD memory card slot to add to the limited 8GB of internal memory. Both the microSIM and microSD slots are hidden behind (you guessed it) iPhone-style trays that are opened using either a paper clip or a little tool found on the Ascend P6’s body.

While the Ascend P6 may be super slim, it is blessedly not obsessed with screen size. It has a 4.7-inch 720p screen – big enough to feel luxurious to both your eyes and typing fingers, but not big enough to become awkward. Screen quality is great. It uses an IPS panel, which provides natural-looking colours, strong top brightness and good angled viewing.
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There is an interesting rumor doing the rounds today that revolve around a supposed PS4 bundle that comes with a PS Vita for $500. If true, this could be the best deal seen to date on both units.
The PS4 costs $400, and the PS Vita is priced at $250. If Sony were to bundle the two together, there would be a savings of $150, dropping the price of the Vita to $100.
According to Inside Gaming Daily, a “well placed anonymous source” has revealed that the P4 and PS Bundle exist. The source also revealed that the bundle will costs $500, which is the same price as the Xbox One. While Sony has not revealed any price drop plans publically, the company has emphasized plans to make PS Vita support mandatory on all PS4 games. Every PS4 game can be remotely played via the PS Vita from any location.
Could Sony be gearing up for a major price drop or bundle deal at gamescom? It does seem farfetched that Sony would introduce a new bundle after pushing the existing pre-order bundles aggressively. However, with dwindling sales of the PS Vita it does seem like the right time to drop the price on the unit.
In other news, Sony has just revealed its new PlayStation Plus lineup of free games for this month. One of the free games revealed is Hitman: Absolution, which is actually a fairly recent game. Other free games include Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower, Runner 2, Star Wars Pinball and Machinarium. Select games will also receive deep discounts for PS+ members. For those that may have missed out on the fantastic Rayman Origins game that released not that long ago, can now be picked up for $5 with PS+ down from $20. Vita owners can pickup the handheld version for $6.75.

Check out the PS blog for the full list.
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An UBS analyst said in a note to investors that the upcoming low-cost iPhone will outsell the new flagship iOS smartphone next-year, although it may not be as profitable for the company as its more expensive brother. Interestingly, the device is expected to launch this quarter.
Analyzing Apple’s future, Steve Milunovich looked at the company’s various mobile products including the iPhone, iPad and iPod, reiterating a “Buy” ratting for Apple stock with a price target of $500.
However, Milunovich cut estimates for next year, saying that the iPad and “iPhone M” may have a negative effect on Apple’s profits. Milunovich expects for Apple’s fiscal year 2014 a $179.9 billion and $42.29 per share net profit, and a gross margin of 36.6%, down from $185.1 billion and $43.36 per share.
Milunovich refers to the low-cost iPhone as the “iPhone M” – various reports seem to believe that the phone will be sold as the iPhone 5C – while the high-end seventh-generation iPhone is called iPhone 5S.
According to the analyst, the iPhone M will have tremendous success with the public, selling anywhere from 92-99 million units in Apple’s fiscal year 2014 – Apple’s new fiscal years start in October of each year.
iPhone M will account for 53% of sales next year, and they’ll make up for 3% of iPhone sales this year – thus, the analyst is also suggesting the new low-cost iPhone may be arriving before the September quarter ends, which is Apple’s fourth quarter in fiscal year 2013.
However, the analyst notes that these are just estimates for the handset, and it’s not yet clear how it will impact Apple’s business. Milunovich expected the iPhone M to cost $379, but to only offer Apple a gross margin of around 32% compared to the 55% gross margin of the iPhone 4/4S, which the iPhone M would replace:
“Because the M has such a lower gross margin than the 4/4S, the M reduces earnings in our model. iPhone gross profit declines by 4% or $1.6bn with the iPhone 5/5S profit up $4.9bn and the 4/4S/M profit down $6.5bn. The net iPhone impact is a reduction to F14E EPS of $1.16.”
He further explains that at 92 million iPhone M units sold, Apple’s profit would be diminished, while at 99 million “the gross profit impact would be neutral.”
Milunovich’s report also looks at iPad and iPod sales, with the analyst concluding that growth is slowing for both devices when compared to the iPhone.
The analyst says that the iPad growth will be lower than of the iPhone, explaining that, surprisingly, the whole tablet market is growing slower than expected. Even so, Apple is expected to sell 84 million iPad units next year, and 74 million this year – the Street expects the company to sell 87 million tablets next year.
However, the launch of new iPad models may affect the growth of the tablet:
“With two new tablets anticipated over the next few quarters, perhaps the iPad is in a lull and will jump to a higher unit plateau as seasonality proves more important than saturation. Our view is that the iPad is being accepted faster but likely will not be as important as the iPhone over time. This story could play out in other new categories Apple proposes—a fairly fast benefit with rapid acceptance but a shorter half-life of earnings impact.”
Milunovich sees Samsung and Lenovo as the main tablet rivals for Apple next year.
Overall, the analyst says that the tablet market will increase to 235 million (2014), 301 million (2014) and $367 million (2015).
View the original article here

The LG G2 smartphone is already on the way. French tech blog is the one who supplied the slides of the alleged LG G2 manual, where it will use the nano-SIM standard that is similar to the Motorola Moto X and the iPhone 5. Other than that, there is also confirmation of a 2,610mAh battery underneath the hood, which can be removed. Apart from that, there is also a microSD memory card slot for expansion purposes, and a button at the back that is located between the volume buttons which happens to be a power/lock key. Learn more about Lg G2 on August 7, 2013.

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Samsung Galaxy phones have overtaken iPhones as the models with the highest level of satisfactions according to a consumer survey phone. But it’s a fractional difference and for the most part, people who’ve got a high-end phone are pretty happy with it.
The figures come from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, a company that regularly surveys the public on their attitudes to the products and brands they have bought. For the smartphone study, they questioned handset owners (the firm hasn’t revealed the size of the sample group) and converted the responses into a score out of 100 for each model. (The figures take into account varying levels of satisfaction in individual users, so the score isn’t simply a percentage of people who are “satisfied.”)
This time round, the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II topped the index with scores of 84; the Galaxy S 4 came too late for the study. Those scores were just ahead of the iPhone 4S and 5, both on 82, and the iPhone 4 on 81.
Other models and brands were more variable: the Motorola Razr Maxx HD scored 80, the Galaxy S II 78, and the basic Droid Razr model 77. BlackBerry handsets propped up the table with the Curve on 67 and the Bold on 64.
The problem is that without details of the actual responses, there’s no way of telling how much of this is potentially subject to sampling error. Regardless of which model scored the highest, when the top six handsets were all within four “points” of one another, all that’s really certain is that most people are happy with iPhones and premium Galaxy or Droid models.
For what it’s worth, which likely isn’t much, ACSI noted that in a similar survey in South Korea the iPhone 5 took top spot.
The firm also noted that across all models, smartphones score an average satisfaction rating of 76 out of 100, compared with 69 for feature phones. It added that, much as you’d expect, people generally like everything about a smartphone except the battery life.

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